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Classes at Syndale Park Personal Fitness Club

Man on Treamdill - Syndale Park Personal Fitness

Syndale Park Personal Fitness run a variety of classes throughout the week. Our general classes are available to all members and are included in their membership package.

We operate a range of enhanced classes utilising some of the latest and most effective training methods available.

Schedule of Regular Classes
Contact reception for Summer timetable - new timetable available from September

Want to bring a friend? No problem - see staff for a guest pass!

Please contact reception on 01795 591271 for the current timetable..

Some of the equipment used in our classes

TRXTRX Suspension
Suspension training works the whole body and is a great fat-burning workout. Suspension training improves posture by strengthening core muscles. Adding some suspension exercises to your weight training and cardio routine helps muscle memory and works muscles in neglected areas. It is good for rehabilitation as the straps can help support and assist movements.

Boxing Gloves Boxing

Boxing training doesn't have to lead you to a world title, it can simply give you an enjoyable cardiovascular and resistance training workout. The physical benefits that stem from punching either a heavy bag or focus mitts will not only make you stronger, they will also improve your endurance, making you go for longer. This will in turn assist you in other aspects of fitness, including any type of physical activity.

Kettle Bell Kettle Bells

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete (aren't we all?!), you can become leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier by supplementing your training with kettlebells. So whether you are looking to create strong, lean muscles or add strength and bulk, this unique, versatile and fun training tool with deliver the results you are looking for ... and fast!

Vibraxis Vibraxis

Follow your personalised Vibraxis programme at any time of day, as well as joining in our new specialised classes. Three members training together at the mercy of the personal trainers showing you new exercises, alternating speeds and 1-minute changeovers to stop boredom, Vibraxis training is definitely the new revolution.

Telephone 01795 591271
Syndale Park Personal fitness has an extensive range of facilities - weight room, cardio room, squash courts, racketball courts, racquetball courts, Vibraxis Power Plate, Massage, Sauna.
If you're looking for a gym in Faversham or even a gym in Kent Syndale Park Personal Fitness is a great choice.
We offer a range of classes including Super Circuit, Body Mix, Body Blast, Stretch & Tone and Squashacise.