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Vibraxis Training at Syndale Park Personal Fitness Club

Vibraxis Training at Syndale Park Personal Fitness
We have three Vibraxis™ training machines at Syndale Park. These machines can be used for a quick workout where you don't even need to wear gym gear.

The effects of 10 minutes vibration training is equal to a full hour of resistance training!

A Vibraxis™ training machine will help reduce body fat, improve muscle tone, reduce cellulite, increase circulation and improve pain relief from arthritis and injuries.

Vibraxis Exercise Effects….. the facts!

Exercise whilst exposing the body to vibration stimulus creates muscle growth similar to that achieved by power training using resistance equipment. This is due to muscle fibres being stresses eccentrically and concentrically rapidly whilst conducting exercises. Vibration provides an extra training stimulus, increases neural recruitment and the use of synergistic muscles. This increases strength, power, postural control and balance. Notes: Eccentric and concentric refers to the muscles either being lengthened or shortened in a movement. The synergistic muscles are the muscles assisting in a movement and are not the main muscles

Studies have shown increases in trabecula bone density due to vibration training. The trabecula is situated at the core of the bone, and it is this that becomes less dense in osteoporosis. When the body is weight bearing on a vibration machine fluid flow through the centre of weight bearing bones is increased. This in turn increases internal pressure within the bone stimulating bone building cells to lay down bone, increasing density. Also with heightened muscular activity there are high frequency strain signals constantly barraging the bone. This stress on the bone also encourages bone building cells to lay down bone, increasing their density.

Obesity and weight loss are directly influenced through vibration training. Vibration develops leaner muscle tissue. It increases the metabolic rate, resulting in a higher calorific burn, in combination with an improvement in lymphatic draining and blood circulation. Using the vibration machine will elevate the metabolic rate, burning calories while even resting. Growth hormone, testosterone and insulin like growth hormone-1 improve the metabolism and have been shown to increase with vibration training.

Cellulite is developed when the body retains fluids, which causes the skin tissue to expand. Unhealthy eating and drinking habits and a lack of exercise aggravate the effect even further. Whole body Vibration is most effective in fighting cellulite. The intense vibrations, causing a constant (high speed) contraction in the muscles, result in an increase of the cross linking of various tissues. Vibration training increases the blood circulation enormously, enabling the body to get rid of the superficial fluids and improving lymphatic drainage. As a result of the increasing circulation the collagen in the skin is tightened and firmed.

Vibration exercise has exceptional ability to reduce atrophy (muscle wasting) and increase the range of motion of the joints, thereby helping to regenerate tissue such as bone, tendons, muscles and fascia. It is ideal for the treatment of a wide range of physical ailments ranging from irritated tendons and sports injuries, to osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

The Vibraxis machines are located in their own private studio. The machines are also available for use by non-members - please call us for details.
Telephone 01795 591271
Syndale Park Personal fitness has an extensive range of facilities - weight room, cardio room, squash courts, racketball courts, racquetball courts, Vibraxis Power Plate, Massage, Sauna.
If you're looking for a gym in Faversham or even a gym in Kent Syndale Park Personal Fitness is a great choice. Personal training included in all membership packages.